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10 Admirable Peacock Rangoli Designs That You Must Try in 2019

10 Admirable Peacock Rangoli Designs: Peacock rangoli design is the main design pattern of India’s culture. It is a national bird of India. Peacock is a magnificent bird due to its colorful feathers which are made up of green, blue, yellow and many other colors combination in different shades. A peacock spreads feathers when in a happy mood and it makes it more beautiful. Peacock is the piece of beauty and that’s why people of India take inspiration from this beautiful bird and draw its Rangoli Design on every occasion.

The specialty of North India is people mostly draw peacock on the dresses, drawing and rangoli designs. You can see on Holi, Diwali, Oman, Pongal and all other festivals, the Peacock Rangoli Designs. Today we are going to share with you the world most beautiful bird Rangoli Designs. So we recommend reading this post till the end.

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Peacock Rangoli Kolam
Peacock Rangoli Kolam

10 Admirable Peacock Rangoli Designs to Try in 2019

We know that you are here in search of best and perfect Rangoli Designs of Peacock, so we will not disappoint you. Here you will get the compilation of Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Designs. So lets start:

Peacock Rangoli Design 1

1. This one is a beautiful Rangoli Design of Peacock. It is not showing the original colors of peacock feather but still it is looking very beautiful. If you want something new then you must try this peacock rangoli design.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 2

2. If you are looking for a perfection in the rangoli kolam of peacock then you are at right place because this rangoli design is for you. The perfect blend or you can say combination of red, blue, and green colors is right here in this design pattern. The addition of candles in every spot of the design makes it more charming.

Peacock Rangoli Design 3

3. This one is very beautiful rangoli pattern of peacock with beautiful and colorful feathers. The peacock is sitting on the branch of the tree. This type of design takes a lot of space because you have to draw peacock feathers also. You can draw it also in the corner of your house and we are sure everyone will love it.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 4

4. A vibrant and colorful rangoli pattern is here waiting for you to draw it in your home. This one is showing that peacock spreads its feathers and peacock do this only if in a happy mood.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 5

5. This is a beautiful and unique rangoli pattern of Peacock. The combination of light and dark blue, green, orange, purple and black colors are making the perfect Peacock Rangoli Design. You can draw this Rangoli Design in the entrance of the house and also in the corner of the house.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 6

6. The perfect blend of bright and dark colors for drawing the Peacock Rangoli Kolam. This design uses a lot of details which is making it difficult for the newbies. So we recommend you to try this 2-3 times before the festival.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 7

7. The couple of peacock crafted on the floor is more beautiful then drawing a single peacock. The dark colors are used instead of bright colors because with dark colors the beauty of this design pattern is enhanced.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 8

8. This is very bright design which is due to the use of bright color shades like green, blue, white, red, yellow and orange. You need 1 time practice to draw this type of Colorful Rangoli design.

Peacock Rangoli Designs 9

9. If you all think that all above designs are very difficult to draw then you must try this one because here you need just few colors and everything is easy to make. The candles on the leave type rangoli are making it more beautiful.

Peacock Rangoli Kolam

10. A circular Peacock Rangoli Design with Diyas is perfect for Diwali. You must try this in 2019 Diwali. Whoever see this rangoli design will definitely love it.

Final Words:

So friends! These are the 10 Most Beautiful and Admirable Peacock Rangoli Designs. We hope you will love this compilation of Peacock Rangoli Kolams. If you are looking for more then please visit Simple Rangoli Design. Thanks 🙂

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