Top 10 Latest Ganesh Rangoli Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Latest Ganesh Rangoli Designs: Rangoli, the traditional art of Hindus used to decorate homes, offices, and apartments on every special occasion. It is an old way of drawing art on the floor with the help of colors, hues, rice powders, salt, flowers, and paints. Time to time, it has changed a lot from traditional designs to current Rangoli Designs that has been changed due to variations in the colors and styles. We can easily see the beautiful variations on the special occasions held in India. One of the most famous occasion is Ganpati Bappa festival where you can see many different kinds of Rangoli Designs.

Ganpati event is the most famous festival in our country because our favorite God comes on our doorstep and knock the door to bless us. It is the happiest and most blessed event of India. The Rangoli Designs on this occasion features Ganpati Bappa himself in the Designs. To help you to welcome the Ganpati Bappa, we scouted out some best and latest Ganesh Rangoli Designs that will surely the perfect and most loving Rangoli Kolams. 

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Ganesh Rangoli Design
Ganesh Rangoli Design

Latest Ganesh Rangoli Designs to Blow Your Mind in 2019

These rangoli designs will not only inspire you but will bring out the flavor of the season with full potential. Here is the beautiful collection of Ganpati Bappa Rangoli Designs:

Ganesh Rangoli Design 1

1. This Freehand rangoli design of Ganpati is very beautiful and the diyas and flowers are adding charm in the beauty of Ganesh Rangoli Design. It is quite different from other designs because it is using different types of decoration pieces like diyas and beautiful flowers. The design of Ganesh is made with white color.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 2

2. The best design to make Ganpati Bappa happy is to draw this Rangoli Design in the entrance of the house. If you are an expert and want something different to draw on a special occasion then you must try this Ganpati Bappa Rangoli Design. This design will definitely be loved by all.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 3

3. A perfect and simple rangoli design is showing you that if you want to draw Ganesh rangoli design by using flowers and turmeric then this design is best for you. Flower and Turmeric rangoli designs are catching the eyeballs of many people nowadays. This type of rangoli Patterns are now in trend and will remain in trend.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 4

4. This Design pattern is using different colored flower petals. All of the colors are bright and are perfectly decorated to draw Ganesh. The line below Ganesh pattern looks like a wave with the dots in it and is giving a final touch to the design pattern.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 5

5. A vibrant and colorful rangoli design of Lord Ganesha giving the perfect look. The bright colors used are giving the design pattern a charm. Addition of diyas are also very pleasing. This type of rangoli design needs space and cannot be drawn in the corner of the balcony of the house.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 6

6. If you are an expert and want to try new rangoli kolam on any special occasion then this design is perfect for you. In this Rangoli Design, Ganesh is in the middle and blessing the people with one hand and on the other hand, there is his favorite sweet dish which is Ladu. The addition of Diyas in every corner of the Rangoli Pattern is giving it a final touch.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 7

7. If you are looking for a pretty design to draw on any occasion then you must try this one. A perfect golden, blue, red and orange shades are giving the Rangoli Kolam the pretties look ever. If you are not expert then we recommend try this design 4-5 times before the festival and then after practice draw this design.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 8

8. A simple yet charming rangoli design of Ganpati Bappa is here for you to try it in 2019. One color is used to make this design pattern. You can draw this rangoli design in the corner also and in the balcony of the house.

Ganesh Rangoli Design 9

9. This type of Rangoli Design is for greeting cards. You need to draw it with color pens or with the liquid color paste. Add some candles in 4 corners of the design and if you are trying this on the floor of the house.

Ganesh Rangoli Design

10. Simple and elegant Design is here. This perfect piece of art with Lord Ganesh is giving the sculpted look. In this Rangoli design, you can see the bright colors and the addition of flowers makes it more beautiful. You need to try this rangoli design before the festival for 4-5 times to get skills in this design pattern.

Final Words:

So friends! These are the Ganesh Rangoli Designs which are very beautiful and are the latest Rangoli Kolams. We hope you will love these design pattern and will appreciate us in the comment section. Thanks 🙂

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