Get a Flat Belly in Just 7 Minutes Workout

Are you tired of a big belly? Have you tried everything to make it flat? Are you upset because your belly is not slim? Then, dear, you are in the right place because we are going to tell you a 7-minutes secret workout to flatten your belly. This super helpful, 7-minutes flat belly workout will make you slim and fit. You will soon smile and always keep smiling due to your flat belly and everyone will ask you how you do this? What is the secret formula you are trying? So what are you waiting for Now? Let’s do this!

This 7-minutes belly workout is not only effective but it is very easy and simple to try. So everyone can try it without any worry. It is a complete package with an anti-workout excuse-buster and a flat belly secret. Isn’t it great? We know it is perfect for you. So scroll down and see the complete details on how can I reduce my belly fat in 7-minutes. This workout can be done anytime and anywhere.

Flatten Belly in 7-Minutes

Exercise 1 (Flutter Kicks)

First, lay down and lift yourself up and then get on your forearms. Do flutter kicks now. Also, cross your legs over and under. Stay as low as possible to the ground. Now do this four counts up and down and then repeat it for 3 times.

Exercise 2 (Side Plank)

Lay down on the floor and get into a side plank position on your forearm. Keep your knee close to the floor tucked under. You can also straighten your legs (which is difficult but very effective). Now lift your Hip up and hold there. Now bring your arm up and makes your shoulder in line to each other and squeeze and hold. To make it more effective, lift your opposite leg and reach your arm to the opposite leg.

Exercise 3 (Side Plank Tuck)

Now take your arm straight up to the ceiling and tuck it under your abdomen. We suggest you do this several times and then turn around and do it again for the other side.

Exercise 4 (Side Dips)

Now you have to be in a Plank position on your forearms. Try to keep your hips up and glutes tight and dip side to side.

Exercise 5 (Plank Tuck Walk)

The last exercise you have to do is Plank Tuck Walk for an ab workout. Start with a crouch position. Walk those hands out as you are in a plank position. Now HOLD and bring it back in. Just do this exercise 5 times.

All of this exercise needed to be done 5 times to get the results in just a week. If you have any query then please ask it in the comment section. We will respond to you with the best answers.

Stay Healthy and Happy 🙂

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