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9 Best Kundan Rangoli Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

9 Most Beautiful Kundan Rangoli Designs That Will Blow Your Mind: Rangoli, a beautiful artwork that has been decorating the houses of Indian for many years. It is spreading happiness at every festival. From its origin to today, the rangoli has changed a lot from a traditional way of styling and designing to very complex but even more beautiful ones. The most beautiful change that happened in the rangoli designs is “Kundan Rangoli”.

Kundan Rangoli Designs are the ones which are usually made with the help of stones, different pieces of jewelry, beads, plastic gems, rhinestones, and decorating objects. Kundan is the latest technique of drawing Rangoli Kolam. They can be done in any shape and size and can be drawn anywhere because they don’t need much space. These Beautiful Rangoli Designs not only can be drawn on the floor but also on the walls of the house. Here we will share with you all type of Kundan Rangoli Designs. So have a look at them below:

Kundan Rangoli Designs 2019
Kundan Rangoli Designs 2019

9 Eye-Catching Kundan Rangoli Designs for 2019:

Here in this post, we will provide you the 9 Best and most beautiful Kundan Rangoli Designs that will blow your mind. We advise you to share them with your friends and relatives also.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (1)

1. If blue is your color theme for the occasion, then you must go for this Kundan Rangoli Design. It will surely catch the attention of everyone. Light blue rhinestones are perfectly designed along with white and light and dark brown pearls. The white pearls are used to outline the inner lining of the design pattern.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (2)

2. The use of blue and dark pink stones are always the best combination and in this design, it is looking very beautiful. In the middle, a big round white stone is used to enhance the beauty of the Kundan Rangoli Design. The leaf shapes with flower shapes inside are also attracting the attention of the viewer.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (3)

3. This vibrant pink Kundan Rangoli looks very beautiful due to its perfect design. The use of the brown and green stones are also a source of attention.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (4)

4. Among all the Kundan Rangoli Designs, this peacock couple design is the best one. This pretty design pattern is suitable for all kind of occasions. If you draw it and hang it on the wall as a wallpaper then everyone will love it. There are two types of Kudan rangoli techniques used in this design. The floating one – which is used to draw its feather and normal but colorful beads are used to draw the peacock body.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (5)

5. A beautiful flower shaped design pattern with a flower drawn with maroon and golden color and leaves are with green color. It is a perfect rangoli design for floor and also for the wall. You can easily draw it on any special occasion.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (6)

6. If you are looking for some attractive Kundan Rangoli Design then you must try this one. It is a beautiful and perfectly drawn Rangoli Pattern with 4 peacocks. Each people is beautifully designed with blue, white and golden beads. We recommend you to try it in a rangoli competition.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (7)

7. A star shape Kundan Rangoli Kolam is waiting for you so that you may draw it on a special occasion and catch the attention of the competition judges. If you are an expert and in a competition then this design is a perfect choice for you.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (8)

8. Another star shapes Kundan Rangoli Pattern beautifully crafted with red, brown, and green color beads and stones. The shapes that are outside the design are also the source of attraction.

Kundan Rangoli Designs (9)

9. This design pattern is for blue color lovers. The use of blue powder color with light greenish blue beads and stones is the most beautiful one. This heart-shaped rangoli is perfect for the entrance of the puja-ghar during any special occasion.

Final Words:

So, friends, these are the Most Beautiful and Eye-Catchy 9 Kundan Rangoli Designs That You Must Try in 2019 on any special occasion. We hope you will love these rangoli patterns and will appreciate us for our work. If you want more design patterns then please visit Simple Rangoli Design. Thanks 🙂

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