10+ Trending North Indian Rangoli Designs of 2019

10+ Trending North Indian Rangoli Designs of 2019: Rangoli an art of India traditional culture to draw or craft a design or pattern on the floor of house, office, or hall. It is a popular oldest form of art in India which is done mostly by women by using different colors, wheat flour, rice powder, flowers, hues, grains, leaves, and stones. The popularity of the Rangoli Designs is in North India where you can find Rangoli Designs in every house entrance. It is a unique way of welcoming the guests.

Rangoli is the main part of every festival because without it a festival is incomplete. You can see that, whether it is Holi, Oman, Diwali, Pongal, or any other event Rangoli is present in every house entrance. Rangolis are not only present in the entrance of the house but also can be drawn in the balcony or in the puja-ghar of the houses. Today we will bundle up a collection of 10+ Trending North Indian Rangoli Designs of 2019.

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North Indian Rangoli 2019
North Indian Rangoli 2019

Trending North Indian Rangoli Designs:

So guys get ready because we are now starting sharing the compilation of Best and Most Amazing Indian Rangoli Kolam.

Durga face with other shapes Rangoli

1. This rangoli design cannot be seen easily. Because only a few people draw it in the house due to its difficulty. As you can see this design pattern is not easy to draw and require skills and many practices to make. But hard work always is the best work. This Rangoli Design is the most beautiful one as it includes Durga Maa with other symbols in the Rangoli Design. Perfectly crafted with right combination of colors in it.

Stunning Rangoli Design with Candles

2. This type of Rangoli Design is not so common in India. It requires details skills of Rangoli to be drawn. Many people fail to draw this but many experts do it in an easy way because they know how to draw it. This Rangoli Kolam gives the shape of Flower and with candles, the beauty of it enhances even more. The expert perfectly placed candles that’s why its beauty and charm is increased.

Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Kolam

3. This is a Beautiful and colorful rangoli design crafted with color powder. It is the specialty of North Indian people to draw the Peacock in their drawing, clothes, and Rangoli Designs. It is a small design and can be drawn in the balcony of your house. You can also draw it in big size just you have to increase its size. For rangoli lovers, it is the perfect design so we recommend you to try it in the balcony of your house.

North Indian Rangoli 2019

4. This rangoli design is very common and easy to draw and can be seen in many houses. This sober and beautiful Rangoli Design uses 9 colors including light and dark pink, light and dark green, light and dark blue, brown, yellow, and white. This type of rangoli design needs a small space to be drawn and anyone can draw it after one or two practices.

Beautiful Rangoli Kolam with Diyas

5. Trending and Most Pretty Rangoli Design which gives the shape of flowers. The use of Dark and light colors are only be done by a professional Rangoli Designer. The candles and one diya in the middle enhance the beauty of this Rangoli Kolam. You need a little bit more space than the above rangoli design to draw this design.

Flower Shaped Design with Diyas

6. This is very auspicious design and very easy to draw. You need no training to draw this rangoli kolam just you have to focus on the above image and then draw the design on the floor. It is made up of rice powder color. The diyas in the Rangoli gives it a charming touch. You can make this Rangoli Design on the balcony of your house or in the Puja-Ghar in the house.

Hexagon Rangoli Kolam with Rice Powder

7. This is a Hexagon shaped Rangoli Pattern enclosing the star in the middle which is making it more beautiful. The use of bright colors and 2 dark colors are perfect in this type of Rangoli Pattern which is making it suitable for any occasion.

Peacock Rangoli Kolam

8. This is very beautiful and Unique Rangoli Kolam of Peacock. North Indian People loves to draw peacock in their drawings and rangoli designs. They usually draw peacock on every occasion like Holi, Rangoli, Diwali, and Oman. The addition of diyas in the above Rangoli Design brighten the look of Peacock and increases the cuteness and beauty of the Design Pattern.

Circular Rangoli Design 2019

9. This type of Rangoli Kolam is the easiest one because you just have to draw the circle as many as you want. You can add as many colors. It depends on you because you can draw it in small place or you can draw it in huge place. It totally depends on you. You can also make any symbol in the middle of this design just like the music symbols in the above Design. You can easily cover the large areas for this type of rangoli patterns.

North Indian Rangoli Kolam with Color Powder

10. This one Rangoli Pattern is for a corner and is flower rangoli design with colors. The design is not easy to draw as you have to take very special care of the details of each floral pattern.

Final Words:

So, friends, these are the 10 Trending Rangoli Designs That You Should Try in 2019. We hope you will love these designs. We will soon come back with more beautiful designs. So keep visiting Simple Rangoli Design. Thanks 🙂

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