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12+ Admirable Pongal Kolam Designs and Patterns to Try in 2020

12+ Admirable Pongal Kolam Designs for 2020: Wish you Guys a very Happy Pongal Day! Pongal is a traditional Indian way of creating art on the floor which is the main cultural part of India. It is just like the festivals Diwali, Holi, and Oman as it is also the main festivals of the Indian culture. Diwali and Holi are also incomplete without the art of colors.

Pongal is also incomplete without creating the beautiful Pongal Rangoli Patterns on the floor of the Houses. Pongal is actually a harvest festival of Hindus and people of each house draw Pongal Kolam because they think Goddess Lakshmi will look at their Pongal Kolam Designs and will bless their family with wealth. That’s why it is the beautiful and main festival of Hindus to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Pongal is a popular festival in Tamil Nadu, South India which is going to celebrate on this 15th January. On the day of Pongal festival, many competitions are held by kids, Students & peoples across the country in which they make Pongal kolam designs by their hand. Every single one wants to decor best Pongal Kolam Design into their home for giving warm welcome to all guest. Pongal kolam means design rangoli patterns in the Hindi language. That’s why people love to decorate Pongal kolam design everywhere on the special occasion of Pongal. A lot of beautiful colors are used by peoples. Here in this post, we are going to share with you guys the best Pongal Rangoli Designs that you will definitely love to draw.

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Pongal Rangoli Designs Images
Pongal Rangoli Designs Images

12+ Pongal Kolam Designs and Patterns to Try In

We know that Happy Pongal is coming very fast and people started searching for the Best and most Beautiful Pongal Designs on the internet. So that’s why we are here and writing this article to provide you those Pongal Rangoli Kolam HD Images. With this, you can easily understand how to draw the best Design or Pattern. By checking our website and the Images here you can easily know that what to add or reduce the color to make the perfect Pongal Kolam Designs to enhance the beauty of this Festival. So Let’s Start sharing Pongal Patterns and Ideas.

Pongal Kolam Pattern 2019

Happy Pongal Kolam Pattern-min

Pongal Kolam Design for Free-min

Pongal Kolam Pattern

Pongal Kolam Design by Kid

Pongal Kolam Patterns and Designs

Beautiful Pongal Kolam Pattern 2019 Happy Pongal Kolam with Flowers

Beautiful Design for Pongal 2019

Beautiful Design for Pongal

Pongal Kolam Design

Final Words:

So, friends, these are the 12+ Admirable Pongal Kolam Designs & Patterns That You Must Try in 2020. We hope you will love these Pongal Rangoli Designs, Patterns, and Ideas. We advise you to keep sharing this site with your friends and family members. If you want more Rangoli and Pongal Designs then please visit Simple Rangoli Design and also visit our Facebook Page Rangoli Designs. Thanks 🙂

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