15+ Unique Rangoli Designs for Competition with Themes

15+ Unique Rangoli Designs for Competition with Themes: Rangoli is an art of making or drawing designs or patterns on the floor of house, office, or hall. It is the culture of our country India and is the most famous because without Rangoli no festival is complete. Whether it is Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Oman, New Year, or any other festival, without Rangoli Designs the festival is incomplete. Rangoli relate us with two things – one is the color which Indian love and the festivals which are the main part of our country because festivals bring our family and friends close.

No matter it is a marriage function, party function or any other function, Rangoli can bring you the best compliments and will change the environment of the function or festival. During every festival, drawing rangoli is considered a tradition throughout India. The way of crafting Rangoli Designs on the floor now is much different than the old art of Rangoli Designs. Today we will share with you the fresh and best Rangoli Designs for Competition with Themes that you can try in any competition during the festival.

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Latest Rangoli Designs for Competition
Latest Rangoli Designs for Competition

15+ Unique Rangoli Designs for Competition with Themes

In past, Rangoli Designs were made with only Colors. But now everything changed and now hues, rice powder, flowers, petals, stones, paints, and many other things are used for drawing the Rangoli Designs. In past, Simple Rangoli Kolams were drawn but now very complex and more beautiful Rangoli Patterns are crafted. The way of creating various types of Rangoli Designs are also changed. So here we will provide you all the best and 15 unique rangoli designs for competition with Themes that will make you win in any competition. So let’s start:

Rangoli Design for Competition 1

1. The flower based Rangoli Design is simple and easy to make. It includes 9 colors for this design – yellow, orange, blue, red, dark green, white, pink, light greenish blue, and maroon. This type of Rangoli Patterns can be drawn in the home.

Rangoli Design for Competition 2

2. A beautiful, unique, but tricky Rangoli Kolam is here which needs so expert hand to be drawn. If you are beginner then we recommend you to practice it for 3-4 times to make it perfect on any occasion.

Rangoli Design for Competition 3

3. A very beautiful and charming Flower Rangoli Design for Competition. This design is very simple and is perfect for the lovers of Rangoli Kolam. If you know the right colors of flowers combination then this design is very easy for you.

Rangoli Design for Competition 4

4. Here is a very simple Rangoli Design with Dots featuring the use of powder color making the design very beautiful. There are different colors used in this design pattern. It is very easy to be drawn by anyone.

Rangoli Design for Competition 5

5. A very beautiful half circle rangoli pattern featuring the diya in the middle of the Design. This design pattern is drawn with the colored rice powder. The use of bright colors is perfect for this type of design. If you have already drawn simple rangoli designs then you can try this one.

Rangoli Design for Competition 6

6. A star shape outside and circle shape inside is a perfect rangoli design for competition. If you are not an expert we recommend you not to try this before practicing it for 6-7 times. Because you have to focus on each detail of the pattern shown in the above design.

Rangoli Design for Competition 7

7. Here is another star shape Rangoli Design beautifully crafted on the entrance of the house. A perfect combination of bright colors and dots in the design. The colors used in this design are – red, green, blue, pink, orange, white, and purple.

Rangoli Design for Competition 8

8. Flower Petals shape rangoli kolam is here with dark colors outside and 3 bright colors inside or in the center of the design pattern. It is very simple and easy to make rangoli kolam.

Rangoli Design for Competition 9

9. Our national bird ‘Peacock’ finds its best place in the rangoli design. The beautiful colors in the feathers of the Peacock are the main source of inspiration for every people in India. In this Rangoli Pattern, we can see the perfect look of the Peacock presented throughout the rangoli art. This is a very unique Rangoli Pattern due to it is beauty and charm. If you are an expert then we recommend you to try this in competition. Otherwise, you should practice it many times to get perfect in this.

Rangoli Design for Competition 10

10. Very Simple but beautiful Unique Rangoli Pattern for you is here. Vibrant and bright colors used in this design are green, pink, dark and light blue, red, orange, purple, and white. It is a very simple design and everyone can draw it without any mistake.

Rangoli Design for Competition 11

11. Here is a new style Peacock Rangoli Pattern. You can see the bright colors as well as diyas which are making it even more charming and amazing. If you make this design in the competition then we guarantee you that you will be a winner.

Rangoli Design for Competition 12

12. A complete flower shaped rangoli kolam for competition. Here you can see the perfect entrance design pattern for your home. Everyone easily draws it with only 1 practice.

Rangoli Design for Competition 13

13. Uniqueness is all that what we want and this design pattern is perfect for uniqueness. You must try a different and unique rangoli design for the competition. The main feature of this design is the diyas placed in each corner of the design pattern.

Rangoli Design for Competition 14

14. A very simple and easy to make design pattern for everyone and for every occasion. Colors used in this rangoli kolam are – bright pink, purple, greenish yellow, dark blue, green blue, and white.

Rangoli Designs for Competition 15

15. If you are looking for the rangoli pattern that is drawn with the clay then you are at right place because this design pattern is for you. This type of rangoli designs for competition with themes is perfect for newbies.

Rangoli Designs for Competition 16

16. Circular shaped Rangoli Designs for Competition with Theme featuring the diya in the middle and also diyas in a circle. The diyas are making this beautiful Rangoli Design even more beautiful and amazing. If you are a newbie we recommend you must not try this without practicing it many times.

Final Words:

So these are the 15+ Unique and Affordable Rangoli Designs for Competition with Themes. We recommend you to try them 2 times before the competition so that on the day of competition you make no mistake. We hope you will love this post and request you to share this with your friends and family members. Thanks 🙂

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