8 Best South Indian Rangoli Designs That You Must Try in 2019

10 Latest South Indian Rangoli Designs: Rangoli, the best way to enhance the beauty of the festival. It is an art of making design patterns on the floor of the house or office. It adds more happiness to every festival. It is the way to welcome God so that God will bless us. It is an old artwork which is now changed a lot because, in past, only colors and flowers were used to draw the simplest designs. But now Indian Rangoli Designs are drawn with colors, hues, flowers, rice powder, salt, petals, etc. The design patterns are also changed now and people draw skillful rangoli designs on every occasion.

The origin of Rangoli is from India and in South India, it is known as Rangoli Kolam. The design patterns come in many sizes and shapes. Birds and Animals are also drawn in Rangoli. People draw it from bright colors or from dark colors or with the combination of dark and bright colors. There are also freehand rangoli designs which are mostly drawn with white color. Rangoli designs always look beautiful and appealing no matter which color is used. They are always eye-catching.

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Rangoli Designs for Competition with Themes (1)

10 Appealing South Indian Rangoli Designs for 2019:

Today we are going to share with you the most appealing Compilation of South Indian Rangoli Designs That You Must Try in 2019. Here is 10 best Indian Rangoli Designs collection.

Beautiful South India Kolam

1. A beautiful multiple flower shaped rangoli pattern with a combination of bright and dark colors. It is crafted on the street near the house of the designer. This rangoli pattern needs details to focus on so that you can make a perfect design like this.

Flower Shape Rangoli Pattern with Colors

2. Here is another beautiful flower shaped rangoli design which is not crafted with flowers but done with color powder. It includes 5 colors yellow, orange, purple, dark and light blue. If you are beginner then this design is perfect for you. You don’t need to take special care of the details as it is very simple and easy to make design pattern.

Flower Shape South Indian Rangoli

3. If you are an expert and looking for something new for this Diwali then this pattern is for you. Every corner and points of the design are perfectly drawn. Not a single mistake is done. The diyas are the charm of Diwali so that’s why they are used in this design.

Freehand South Indian Rangoli Design

4. A freehand rangoli design featuring the flower in the middle of the circle drawn with dark red and white color. A very simple and easy to make rangoli kolam is this freehand design.

Picture Indian Rangoli Design

5. South Indian people are very creative and artistic. You can look at this design which is a picture kolam made by a South Indian person. You can easily understand the creativity of the South Indian People from this design.

Rice Rangoli Kolam with Diya

6. Most beautiful Rangoli Design I have ever seen is the above one. This rangoli design is very easy and simple but is the most beautiful and prettiest one for Diwali or any other occasion. The placement of Diya is perfect where it should be.

South Indian Rangoli Design for Diwali

7. A girl is drawing beautiful flower shape rangoli kolam on the street for Diwali. The design is covered with Diya symbols around the flower which is making it even more charming.

Beautiful Rangoli Pattern for 2019

8. This rangoli kolam is drawn with flowers. The bright color flowers are used for almost whole design. The purple color flowers are used to make it more appealing. Everyone can easily draw this type of Rangoli Design in home or office. Just you have to take care of the space because this design requires huge space.

Final Words:

So, friends, these are the Most beautiful 8 South Indian Rangoli Designs That You Must Try in 2019. We hope you all will love these design patterns and will appreciate us for our work. If you have any recommendation then please feel free to comment below. You can also send us your rangoli designs if you want to list them on our website with your name.

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