Top 8 Latest Rangoli Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Latest Rangoli Designs: Rangoli is an art of making beautiful designs or patterns on the floor or table with the help of colored salt, hues, colors, rice powder, and flowers. It is a traditional Indian floor art which is the most important part of our culture. Without Rangoli, you can’t celebrate Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Pongal, Oman, and many other big events. If you have not drawn Rangoli Designs in the entrance of your house then during such big festivals there remains no meaning of that festival.

Rangoli required a lot of skills and practice, patience, and time to be drawn because you have to take special care for the right colors and perfect shapes and corners. There are many places where you cannot draw a large Rangoli Design because you have a small space in the house. Like an apartment, or a house which have only one or two rooms. But Still, you can draw the Small Rangoli Designs which can be fitted into any small place or corner of the house. Today we are going to share with you large as well as small Rangoli Designs. So scroll down and let’s start…!!!

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Menaka's Rangoli Design
Menaka’s Rangoli Design

Latest Rangoli Designs To Blow Your Mind in 2019

Here is the beautiful compilation of few such Rangoli Designs for 2019:Top 10 Latest Rangoli Designs

1. This is a colorful rangoli design with the right use of different colors. It looks like a flower rangoli with colors. This beautiful and sober rangoli uses 7 different colors including light and dark green, purple, blue, orange, white, and pink. It is a simple design which can be drawn in minutes. The dots on the blue color makes it more beautiful.

Flower Shape Rangoli Design

2. This Pattern is for the corner of the house and is flower rangoli design with colors. It is a beautiful one with many bright colors like green, blue, red, pink, and yellow. You can easily see the sparrow on the flower licking the juice from the flower. The right combination of colors and perfectly crafted on the floor.Star Shape Rangoli Design

3. Beautifully crafted rangoli design with the perfect shape of flowers and star and dots. If you are looking for the perfect Rangoli kolam then you must try this one. It has the right colors and every flower is in the right position. Gives a look of a beautiful flower. Beautiful Design by Color Rangoli

4. This small and simple rangoli design featuring a flower in the middle of the kolam. And the leaves are also attached to the flower. The colors used here in this rangoli kolam are very bright and you can also replace them with the subdued colors to make this small rangoli kolam turn into the dark. [Read Also: Beautiful Rangoli Designs for Pongal 2019]New Pongal Kolam Designs 2019

5. This rangoli design is quite interesting and needs a little practice to draw. But if you will draw this rangoli design then no other design can beat it. This rangoli kolam includes Krishna and Radha perfectly crafted. It will take some space in the house so you need a little bit more space then a small rangoli takes. Latest Rangoli Kolam with Colors

6. This looks just like a hexagon shape Rangoli Kolam but not totally hexagon. This type of Rangoli Design can be suited everywhere and on every occasion. The flames of fire outside the rangoli gives it a beautiful touch and enhances its beauty even more. The middle part is crafted with the right quantity of colors red, yellow, orange, and green. The middle part gives a look of flower and rainbow around the flower. Square Shaped Rangoli Design

7. This is a vibrant and colorful square shaped rangoli design for any occasion. It enclosing the round flower-like shape in the middle of the design. It contains 4 dark colors and 2 light colors. The addition of dots makes it more beautiful and charming. Star Motif Rangoli Kolam

8. Small and simple but colorful rangoli design is right here enclosing a star motif. The addition of different colorful flowers designs makes it even more pretty and making it suitable for festive occasions too. It can be drawn in a small place or corner of the house and don’t need a large space. But you can also draw it in huge form just you have to make the middle blue circle big.

Final Words:

So, guys, these are the small and large and easy to make Rangoli Designs that you can try in 2019. We know when you see these designs you will love them and will try them at least ones. These designs will encourage you to continue the tradition of making rangolis. Thanks 🙂

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